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On all of the class syllabi I have received, something very critical was not present on the paper. Something which I never took for granted, and I am now extremely aggravated that it’s not there: A one to two sentence paragraph reading along the lines of, “If you are a student with a disability, please see the professor after class or make an appointment to discuss which accommodations you may need.”

It was nowhere on the syllabus. What the hell?

Let me make this clear: A lot of disabled students are unaware that they have options and accommodations. A lot of them are unaware that they can ask for them, and a good portion of them are “invisibly disabled”, you won’t even know they are unless you observe closely with the acute eye of a specialist or ask them. Not all disabilities involve using assistance devices like wheelchairs, hearing aids, canes, or walkers, so I may have quite a few disabled students in my classes who are unaware now of their options, because this has been left out.

As for me, I was aware of this being somewhat odd, so I set off on a journey to find an office where I could talk about my options as a disabled student. It took me two stops, but I finally made it, have an appointment for tomorrow with their autism specialist (Wow, awesome, an autism specialist!) to discuss my options.

I am still peeved though, because I only knew to do that because I have experience with the system, but who says everyone else does? Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference.