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As part of my settling into my new life as a Canadian, I’m eager to learn all about the history of the country I now call home- warts and all.

I’m superficially familiar with some of the stories of Canadian history, from John MacDonald to the Hudson Bay Company to Pierre Trudeau. But I want to develop a more comprehensive vision of the history of Canada, including the history of the country before it was “Canada”, and the various province’s unique histories.

Could any of my readers recommend their favourite books on the subject of Canadian history? I’m particularly interested in the pre-WWII period, Aboriginal history, Jews in Canada, Tommy Douglas, the Ukrainian internment during WWI, and anything that would help me better understand the development of Canadian national identity. Nonfiction only please, I am already delving into the greats of Canadian literature with enthusiasm and vigour, I want to beef up my factual understanding, you can’t really appreciate the literature without the historical background.

Any suggestions would be welcomed!