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I love my home state. We just set the record for World’s Largest Spam Musubi:

Thousands came out to Magic Island today, to celebrate the glory of rice and a new world record.

15 volunteers cooked rice, sizzled spam and gathered nori to create the worlds largest spam musubi!

“Its 320 cups of rice, 26 or so cans of spam cut into ten slices and about 100 or so sheets of nori,” said Edward Sugimoto, co-founder of the Rice Festival.

The feat was recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Organizers say the huge spam musubi will be donated to the Hawaii Food Bank to help feed the homeless.

Ono! Haters can hate all they like, but spam is frigging delicious, especially when wrapped up with loving care in a musubi with a flaky piece of nori and some tangy rice. I like to even amp it up and put an umeboshi in the rice, so it’s a combination musubi and onigiri. And now I want some Kona Brewing Company and shave ice to wash dat bugger down.

I love Canada, but I miss home so much sometimes I could cry. Particularly the food.