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Dear Etsy Shops Binarywinter, Ahpeele, Vortextradingcompany, Nonfictiontees, and Brookish,

Have I told you guys lately that you are awesome? Your clothing is awesome, I go ga-ga when I have a bit of extra money to spend at your wonderful shops. I get compliments whenever I wear one of your unique and clever shirts, and my wardrobe has been made much more colourful and interesting thanks to you.

So it is with the love of a devoted customer that I write to you today with a request which would make your products even greater: Would you consider switching from American Apparel shirts as your base clothing for your designs for another sweat-free alternative? You would attract a lot more customers who are committed to social justice, fairness, and making the world more beautiful if you would do so.

There are a lot of problems with American Apparel, probably the most well known in progressive circles is the ongoing problem with sexism in the workplace, union busting, and the cavalier attitude of the company head towards the dignity and  comfort of women interviewing him, or just in close proximity to him.

As a voluptuous plus size woman, I love seeing models like Crystal Renn and Charlotte Coyle be included in advertisements for clothing. It reassures me that one, there’s a better chance the clothing will look good on me, and secondly, diversity is very important in beauty, in every way. Racial, bodily, ability, you name it. And when someone asked American Apparel to join the ranks of clothing outlets who are recognizing that breaking the mould is good for business, they were less than respectful towards not only the idea that bigger bodies can be beautiful, but towards the winner of the contest.

That was the match in the powder keg for me, this disregard for legitimate criticisms towards their company and the practices of their top people and the condescending feel of the whole contest was bad enough. The fact that they decided to rudely respond to the winner in a huffy fashion was it. I no longer wish to support American Apparel, as a plus size woman, a lover of fashion, and a decent human being.

But I also appreciate your commitment to providing your customers, myself included, with a quality product which is sweat-free, guaranteeing a healthier, safer work environment for those who stitch together your products. There are alternatives to American Apparel which strive to the same excellent standards of craftsmanship and commitment to worker happiness, safety, and a fair wage. Bella Organics, Justice Clothing, Maggie’s Organics, and many many others can be found here. Some are in a similar price range to AA, but I can say as your customer that I would willingly pay about $5 extra per clothing item for the promise that my clothing was all-around ethical.

If you make the switch, I will continue to enjoy the excellent service and wonderful clothing I’ve learned to love about your stores, and I will be happier knowing you made the switch for the sake of women of all sizes.

Lots of love from a customer,

Leah Jane