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Most internet slang/shortenings are quite silly if you ask me. I love language, nay, adore language, but a good portion of internet shorthand language is mostly just initialisms, most of which aren’t all that interesting from a linguistic standpoint. One exception that stood out to me recently was tweeted by Neil DeGrasse Tyson: Proud father that he is, he talked about his daughter text messaging. While most teenagers (or even adults!) will text a simple “K” in order to convey “Okay, got it”, she uses: “Potassium”. Bless her, that’s awesome.

Tonight, I came across another awesome mutation of language and slang, on a Japanese street fashion forum, regarding a street snap of this girl, whose Japanese language blog you can find here. One comment referred to her outfit as “Ωー美しい” (Romanized: “Omega utsukushii!” or, “Omega beautiful!” This may not make much sense, but if you speak Japanese, it does. “O” is rarely used for foreign loan words, but it’s used as a prefix to mean “the honourable X” Ocha (the honourable tea) Okagesama deshita (lit: I am in your honourable shadow, a way of saying “thank you”) etc etc. So, if I’m not mistaken (please tell me if I am!) it’s a combination of that part of Japanese, the O, adding “mega” (the English, or maybe it’s derived from one of my favourite Osaka-ben words, Metcha?) and using that symbol to mean basically “super-X”! Super beautiful! Super cool! Super awesome!

That’s something I can definitely get behind. This is an Ωー素敵 trend!