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So, my laptop has completely died, and I am working to have what can be saved salvaged from my old hard drive and saved onto an external one until I can get a new laptop. Farewell, Lappy II, you served me faithfully for four years, and you will be missed.

I am not going to be completely absent from the internet of course, thanks to the ubiquity of computers at internet cafes, libraries, unused computer labs, and other places, I can sneak on at times throughout the day to keep up. But until I can afford Lappy III, I am going to have to take a bit of a rollback on the frequency (but I promise it will not affect the quality) of my blogging. I’ll mostly be blogging in the evenings and on the weekends now, and even that will be sporadic, I’m afraid.

With my sensory processing disorder, libraries and cafes are imperfect places for computer use: There are computers with internet access, but they are often crowded, overly bright, smelly, and (yes, libraries included) noisy. It makes it difficult for me to concentrate, and noise cancelling headphones (Which average about $300 for good ones that I can actually use) are out of my budget right now. In fact, I’ve had a lot of financial problems strike me lately, but I am letting them roll off of my back because I feel so incredibly lucky to be here, and I was anticipating a lot of money hiccups as I transitioned to Victoria. This is really nothing compared to what I could be going through, so I am simply going to try to come up with creative ways to raise the money for a new laptop, and will probably have saved up enough to get a Lappy III by December.*

Until then, let it be known I haven’t forgotten you, readers, and I will be back hopefully in a few months’ time. Thanks for your continued support by reading and commenting on my blog, I absolutely love blogging and could never give it up.

* Any recommendations to a type of laptop would be appreciated. No Macs, please, I have used PCs all of my life and don’t want to deal with the pain of converting the salvaged files on my hard drive for a Mac. Lappy the First and Second were Lenovo Thinkpads, but I’m open to other brands and models.