Readers, I am touched. After my laptop gave out, commenter Clarissa took the initiative to set up an effort to get me the funds necessary to speed up my return to blogging, and the results have been magnificent. I am now more than halfway there for getting enough money now, and it’s all thanks to you and Clarissa. If you would like to consider a donation, the button is on my About page.

My life has gone on nicely. I got a job as a work study for my university’s Pride organization, and I’ve been working on/thinking up other  fundraising means so I can get a new laptop and return to regular blogging, such as selling some of my books and clothes, offering tutoring, and other odd jobs.

I’ve been shopping around Craigslist and other internet sites looking for a new laptop, and someone suggested to me that I should consider getting an iPad instead. It is a bit cheaper to get an iPad than a full laptop, and I’ve been told I can blog and do my homework from it, which are the only two things I truly need in my life as far as computers are concerned; Jaime’s computer is the more games-oriented one. If someone could lay down what the pros and cons are of getting an iPad versus just saving up for a new laptop, that would be grand. The only thing I’ve heard thus far is that iPads are less necessities and more luxury items (but, isn’t a laptop a luxury item mostly?) meant to complement your laptop. Anyone else have an input? Especially bloggers who have used iPads?

I’m so happy to have such amazing readers who are being remarkably helpful to me, and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart, especially Clarissa. Until next time, I’ll see you all when I can get another  free spot in the library.