Once again, I’d like to thank everyone who has given me funding for a new laptop. I’m approximately $300 away from being able to afford to buy a new laptop, which I should be able to make in a few months time with my new job and my odd jobs (tutoring, babysitting, raking, the usual) I’ve decided to get a new one rather than a used one, because I have a weird compulsion about using other people’s highly personal items: for me, a computer is so deeply ingrained into a person’s personality that a used one would always be a tad uncomfortable for me: It’s a bit like driving someone else’s car, you have to adjust the seats to fit you, get antsy about possibly changing the radio station, and worry endlessly about adjusting the mirrors and other little things.*A laptop is the same way, and even though it’s more a stupid quirk than anything meaningful, I think it’s worth scrounging up that last bit of money for. I’m using Jaime’s and the library computers right now, and yes, I do feel that, and get a creeping panic each time I click on something or save a document, even if it’s just to a USB drive.

I’ve also decided to go for a bona fide laptop, rather than an iPad or something similar, because of the tactile sensation typing on a keyboard offers me, which allows me to process what I am writing. I’m looking at the websites of HP and Lenovo to find one that best fits my needs and that $300+ more price goal.

I’ve found the library to be helpful for keeping up on donations and the news (Jaime is all a titter about those new Neutrinos!) but I’ve fallen behind on reading blogs, so I’m out of the loop on that. Unfortunately, the computers in the Absolutely Silent Study section fill up really rapidly, and I usually take one in a more crowded and noisy area, where there are printers going and conversations occuring, and I find it incredibly difficult to concentrate. I’ve also been having some health problems lately due to a generator backfiring near my ears, which, apart from giving me a splitting headache that hasn’t gone away in the last week, has also impacted my balance and hearing, which doesn’t help when trying to blog or do schoolwork.** If I get enough extra from odd jobs, the first thing I am buying is a good pair of noise cancelling headphones, because the construction on campus is one colossal headache after another, on top of my accident.

This weekend, I am going to be completely off of blogging, because I have a lot of paperwork, both governmental/bureaucratic and scholarly in nature, to plow through, and will only use the internet for research and finding music to stim/meditate/exercise to in between sessions of endless pencil/blue or black pen pushing. Once that bit of ugliness is done though, I’m going to try to start posting more than just laptop updates. I’ve been whirring with ideas on topics ranging from autism and exercise to contemplations on my new job, to thoughts on mindful eating. I’m not out of ideas, I just have limited means to express them, thank goodness. It would be sad if the reverse were true.

Anyways, thank you, dear readers, both my regulars and Clarissa’s, and I am so glad you’re keeping up even though my blogging has come to a screeching halt.


*the funny thing about me using this simile is… I can’t drive!


** Don’t worry, I’m seeing a doctor about it. The initial tests showed no permanent damage to my hearing or my inner ear, meaning that I should be healthy again as soon as my ears clear up. The problem is that with my SPD and auditory processing issues, that can take a much longer healing period than typical.