In a surprising turn of events, readers, I may end up getting a Mac after all.

Let me explain.

I told my mother about the computer situation, primarily as an explanation for why I haven’t called her lately (I use skype to call her on her phone) And she offered me a special deal: She has heard so many good things about Macs (my mother is basically computer illiterate, and relies on friends of hers who are software engineers and trendy types to keep up) that she’s willing to strike me a deal: If I raise more than half the money necessary to purchase a Macbook (Half for a 15 inch screen Macbook would be about $900) she’ll chip in for the rest.

This deal is only valid with Macs, for some reason. I think this is a funny continuation in mom’s mind of her wish for me to be popular, she was always kind of sad at how socially inept I am among the supposed “in crowds” of my age, and maybe she thinks a Mac will make me cool. Whatever the logic, I’m on board with it, if only because of sheer curiosity and because you can type in Japanese on a Mac.