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Today on a mission to find a copy of Natsume Soseki’s Kusamakura, Jaime and I stopped in The Sour Pickle to have lunch. We’d had one good meal there previously, and we decided to go there rather than Willie’s (another favourite of mine) because of the Pickle’s cheapness and the bubble tea, my favourite beverage.

What I truly like about The Sour Pickle though, isn’t just the cheapness and the excellent quality of their food, the service is bloody exceptional. I was fanning myself with my menu, because it was a bit hot and I’d been walking all day, and the waitress came over and asked me if she should open the doors to tempt in a breeze for me, which I gratefully accepted. The water was also very, very cold from being kept in the display case. Call me exceptionally persnickety, but far too many restaurants don’t serve ice cold water, they serve room temperature water with ice cubes put in, which doesn’t nearly quench the thirst as well. I don’t care how Seinfeldian this makes me sound, I do praise that ice cold water.

Jaime had the baron of beef with french fries, I had the grilled cheese with a green salad. I ordered raspberry bubble tea, she had a Jones orange cream soda (which I kept stealing sips of) My G-d, have I mentioned their bubble tea? It is the best. The tapioca balls are light and chewy, the flavours perfect. The little bits of actual raspberry in my tea that slurped up with the tapioca were very reassuring as well. my sandwich was a very tasty grilled cheese sandwich, with a perfect blend of cheeses and good bread, no, great bread. The salad was alright, but I wasn’t expecting a side salad to be spectacular anyways, so that wasn’t too big of a deal for me. Jaime greatly enjoyed her beef, and I swiped a few tasty french fries from her plate.

I think the reason she likes coming there so much is the pickle decor. There are pickle children’s books, pickle pictures, pickle drawings, and plush and ceramic pickles. Who doesn’t love pickles, really?

If you’re in downtown Victoria, stop in here for a sandwich and bubble tea. The service will be much kinder and attentive than any other place near the waterfront, and the food will be better and cheaper.