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I’m still in the closet to my mother and the rest of my family. Mom was always a bit on the homophobic side, but dating a virulently homophobic man and being subjected to brainwashing by her AA sponsors have turned up the volume on that in the last four years. When I told my mother I had a gay roommate in my third year of school, she was livid with horror at the idea that my roommate might “molest” or “convert” me (In fact, she was the only roommate I remain friends with, the rest were intolerable, bigoted weasels) When I told my mother I was interested in dressing up as a male character (Daniel from Amnesia) for my costume, she warned me that this had to be “a once in a lifetime thing” otherwise, our relationship as mother and daughter “is not going to work out”.

So I was kind of at a loss as to how to tell my mother about my new job working for my university’s Pride group. I was on the phone with her, trying to think of how to word it, and then I got hit with a brilliant idea, and declared, “I have a job now! I’m the coordinator for UVic Pride!” I then explained to her that we were responsible for “campus pride events”, promoted “pride” on campus, and talked to high schools about all the great programs UVic offers for pride. Only I worded it in such a way that my mother thinks that “UVic Pride” is a Pep committee for the university.

It’s not a lie by omission, just a lie of clever manipulation. I’m so proud (heh) of myself for thinking it up.

On the other hand, my mother may visit in November, and I think my cover will be blown when she asks to see where I work. My office is painted lemon yellow and is covered in fanart of My Little Pony, unicorns, rainbow flags, and photo manipulations of Disney Princesses making out.

Well, I’ve got until November to figure out how I’ll cover that up.