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I have a confession: I have a much deeper-seated fear of Christians/Gentiles who suck up to Jews, wax poetic about Israel being some type of great holy land, and talk about their “sacred duty” to protect Jews, and I personally find them to be a lot more frightening and disturbing than any openly hateful antisemite I ever met.

Maybe it’s my valuing honesty above all else and believing that the boot-licking is another, more insidious form of clandestine antisemitism rooted in Jewish exceptionalism and some sort of weird positive discrimination. Maybe it’s their using “Jewish” and “Israeli” interchangeably even though there are many Jews, myself included, who have absolutely no personal connections to the state of Israel, save a birthright trip or two mainly taken because hey, free vacation, or even oppose and criticize the actions of the Israeli Government, like the secular group Independent Jewish Voices or the religious ultra-orthodox Neturei Karta, proving that Jewish opinion on Israel isn’t a damn monolith even though they seem to think it is. Maybe it’s the time I told this one girl in Montana I was Jewish, and she grabbed my wrists (painfully and without my permission) looked into my eyes (that is not a good thing to do to an autistic) and whispered, “I can practically *see* the blood of Our Messiah coursing in your veins!” Maybe it’s how many of them have brought up their support of Israel to try to win me over as a token Jewish friend. Maybe it’s my annoyance in general with them fixating on that one aspect of my identity and refusing to see me as an individual and a human being.

But whatever it is, it’s creepy beyond belief. I have a lifetime, hell, an entire cultural history of dealing with antisemites, I’m practically an expert at bringing them down at this point, and they’re about as annoying as ticks in the summer. But I have no idea how to disengage these weirdos and have them go back to that Dead Sea scroll they crawled out of.