Right about now, it would take a million monkeys at a million typewriters to hammer out all of the apologies I want to give right now, specifically to my donors.

It looks like my laptop is going to have to wait a much longer time than I had previously anticipated. This is going to seem like a lazy excuse, but hear me out:

I recently switched financial aids, from American to Canadian, for several reasons, the most notable being that the American one wasn’t offering me enough money to cover housing and meals, and my Pell Grant was not useable at a Canadian University. The transition period is taking a while, namely, 4-6 weeks after I mail in my application. The problem is, the due date for financial aid is this Friday, and because I haven’t received the money, I’m desperately scrambling to find a way to pay so that I don’t get kicked out of UVic. So I’ve agreed to sign onto a deferred payment plan, with the first payment being due this Friday, totalling $1068.66 (oddly specific amount, I know)

So it is with a heavy heart that I ask all you wonderful people who donated to me for a laptop if it would be okay if I used your generous donation to help pay that. It would cover approximately half of that, and I’m going to probably have to either beg my mother or take out a line of credit at a bank to pay the other half until I get my BC financial aid. I want to ask all of you who donated before I sign the payment tomorrow. You all did this humble blogger a wonderful service, and I know you donated specifically with a laptop in mind, but life is getting in the way of that goal for now.

I feel awful about this. I’ve been struggling to become financially independent for quite a while now, and I’m hoping this mess will be sorted out soon, but in the meantime, I’m in a rock and a hard place. If you donated, just please tell me whether or not you approve of me using that money to pay that tuition bill. It will reassure me.


Addendum: in addition to that expense, I have one that is more bittersweet than anything else: After two weeks of proving myself in Japanese level one, I was finally transferred to the proper level and I am now happily flourishing there. The problem is, the new textbook/workbook is $200 altogether, so that’s another expense that I have to pay off. Would you kind donors be alright with me putting some of that money towards that as well? Please let me know.