To the tune of Great Big Sea’s Penelope*


Leah Jane works at the bookstore

Down by the banyan tree

She’s saving up all her money to go to

Canada across the sea

She once had a godfather

He lived in Vancouver

She sent him letters, but he didn’t bother to help move her

To this da-ay-ay-ay-ya

She got a job as a work study

Working for the minimum wage

To all her friends back home in Hawaii

They say “you’ve really got it made in the shade!”

But they don’t see her sigh and cry

Filled with financial woes

She wishes she was back in Hawaii

Getting sand between her toes

Every day, yay yay yay ya-yah

Leah Jane’s back in Hawaii

She found what it was all about

No, no, she doesn’t regret it

She’s just glad that she got out

But others aren’t so lucky

They’re there ’til the day they die

Trapped in the steel and concrete

No beach, no moon, no sky

* Note: I’m not saying this to say I’m extremely dissatisfied with my life in Victoria. Quite the contrary I am very, very happy with my life here. But recent financial woes, somewhat soggy weather, a heavy course load, limited access to my passion/catharsis aka blogging, dealing with a somewhat harsh and unsympathetic Japanese professor, and difficulty making friends have made me homesick and long for nothing more than to reach back to childhood in Hawaii. It feels good to dream of a better life back there and then sometimes.