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I’m an eggs benedict fanatic. One of the greatest disappointments of living in Missoula was the fact that I never found a place that served up a lovely benny. I heard there was a place called Finnegan’s which had a good one, but three weeks after I learned about it, the restaurant shut down abruptly, with rumours swirling about that the place was bought out by the chain that owns Red Lobster and Olive Garden. *scowl*

So on Friday I got into an in-depth discussion regarding eggs benedict with my new boss and coworkers, who told me to go to a place called Cabin 12, which has a menu featuring items named after David Bowie, Beaker the Muppet, Hunter S. Thompson, Willie Nelson, the Kobayashi Maru (An unbeatable test in Star Fleet Academy for you non Star Trek fans) and Stephen Colbert, and apparently makes great bennies. So Jaime and I set out this morning with the intent of going to Cabin 12 and having a breakfast for ourselves. We felt like kicking up our heels and celebrating, with a recent windfall that drastically improved our financial situation, and saved us both from losing our apartment (her) and getting kicked out of school for lack of tuition payment (me) Breakfast is a fine way to celebrate that, don’t you think?

When we got downtown however, we couldn’t find the place. I’d neglected to write down the address on the website. Oops. So we wandered for a bit before settling on having breakfast at Willie’s rather than continuing to go hungry all day.

And you know what? I’m glad we went to Willie’s. It was a cool, misty typical Victoria Autumn day, and we had a steaming, delicious mug full of the best hot chocolate I’d ever tasted. I used to think I wasn’t a fan of hot chocolate. It turns out, I just hate the powdery nonsense stirred into lukewarm water with a splash of milk which is called “hot chocolate” in most places. This was incredibly warming, rich, and creamy, with just the right amount of chocolate and a hearty helping of whipped cream with chocolate curls to top it off.

We also had fresh squeezed orange juice, which was like a mighty epiphany for me, after going over a year without having tasted it. I could feel the cells in my body cheering as the juice went down. It almost felt like I was a star in a cheesy orange juice commercial.

I had the Blackstone Benedict, with cheddar, maple bacon, and a fried tomato, which was delightful. It came with some terrific potatoes and a little fruit cup. The fruit cup was the only part of the meal that wasn’t stellar, but since it’s not really quite yet apple season and summer berries have eclipsed, I forgave it. The hollandaise sauce is house-made, and it showed, each slurp was a treat. Jaime had French toast with a strawberry and rhubarb compote, which I got to finish when she got full. It was a tasty sweet thing, and the compote was appropriately sweet without being overly syrupy, the strawberries provided sufficient sweetness.

The bill was a bit much for two college students (Close to $50) but we did order quite a bit, and this is a special occasion thing more than anything. The quality of the food made the price understandable as well.

I should mention that halfway through our meal, we got a visit from a group of women dressed as Storm*, The Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Hawk Girl, which made breakfast extra awesome.

After we left, we ran into my boss. Turns out, he had been having breakfast at Cabin 12! We missed having breakfast with him, which was a damn shame, because the only thing better than good food is combining it with good company. Once Jaime and I dig ourselves out of our financial woes for good (at least temporarily) we would like to explore Victoria’s breakfast scene more, starting with Cabin 12 and the Blue Fox Cafe. In the meantime though, I think that Willie’s is on par with a nostalgic favourite of mine from Maui, Longhi’s. Plus, the variety of eggs benedicts and the availability of delicious, authentic hot chocolate and fresh squeezed orange juice has forever won me over.

* Geek moment: Jaime and I had an in-depth discussion about the oddity of Storm being among all the DC characters, and concluded that it would have been much cooler to have her dress up as Raven, since their costumes are so similar.