It’s my very first Canadian Thanksgiving! Huzzah! I am exceptionally excited about this event, because it gives me a chance to reflect on how grateful I am for this new life of mine. It’s a funny coincidence that this year, Thanksgiving fell so close to Yom Kippur, the time of atonement and thinking about the year ahead. The last year for me wasn’t stellar, but a lot of incredible things happened. I moved to WordPress, I moved to Victoria, I started at UVic, and went to many new places for the first time, like Tofino, the reservations in Montana, Nanaimo, and various parts of Seattle. I hope this year is just as adventurous, but a bit more stable in terms of finances and emotional upheavals.

This Canadian Thanksgiving, I’m grateful that I get to spend it with Jaime and my new friends in Victoria, I’m grateful that I am at a university that is stimulating and intellectually challenging, I’m grateful for all the fresh, delicious Vancouver Island cuisine I’m going to be enjoying tonight, and I’m grateful that everyone is being understanding about Jaime’s oven being lousy so I can’t make my delicious biscuits in time for the party.

Enjoy your long weekend, Canadian Compatriots!