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One of the donors I thanked for giving me a generous portion of funding towards the acquiring of a laptop was Thomas, a Norwegian (hooray for my favourite country!) reader and researcher who proposed a very interesting project to me a few months ago. Thomas is researching, in his own words, “neurotypical social and communicative habits/practices seen through the lens of autistic experience, and more specifically if any aspects of these habits/practices can be understood as disabling barriers for autistic persons”. His website is located here, and you may consider this post an invitation to support his project by going to his website and giving him your two cents on your experiences as an autistic person.

Surveys and projects like these I find, are very good for facilitating a “confessional” type thing where you can be brutally honest about your experiences in other places you may not feel comfortable doing so, but they also have a nobler purpose: to help enrich public understanding of autism and act as a chipping tool to further erode dangerous myths about autism and the autistic experience. So why not give it a whirl, eh?