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Today while browsing the Globe and Mail, Jaime and I noticed this surprisingly well-done story in the Globe and Mail on trans people looking for partners on online dating sites. She and I had to smile about that, because we met online (not at a dating site per se) and much of the experiences of the couple profiled rang true. She too struggled with the “right” time to disclose to me, though she and I met before she ever even considered living full time as a woman. Instead, the conversation evolved from “I like doing femme behaviours XYZ” to “I want you to call me feminine names and pronouns when we are alone” to “I think I want to be a woman full-time”. The conversations we have about our respective gender identities and expressions continues to go on and get more and more interesting as we get older and wiser and learn more about our bodies and minds.

I’m so pleased that the Globe & Mail decided to do this piece. Very rarely do we get portraits of happy in-love couples where one of the partners is trans; it seems much more fashionable to treat it like it’s a “Crying Game Surprise” and make it either really laughable or twist it into some terrible lie. Neither could be further from the truth in the case of Jaime and I, and it is my greatest hope that this will inspire other trans-cis couples to realize they are not alone and that a happy life with your loved one is possible.

Kudos, Globe and Mail.