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I was extremely inspired today to read about Laurin Liu, an NDP MP from Quebec who is the youngest woman in Parliament. She admits that she was mainly a placeholder in the election, and didn’t really expect the staggering win which she got, but she’s now eagerly persuing her MP duties.

Liu is a year younger than me, and it is so refreshing to me to see how young people are so enthusiastically embraced in Canada by the NDP (I can’t speak for the Greens, Tories or Liberals, being an NDP member) In the U.S, it seems more common to treat young people interested in politics as little more than free grunt work, delegated to tasks with little hope of learning anything useful and more or less ignored outside of photo ops. Most of the people I knew who took an interest in political work were burnt out by the shoddy treatment before they hit 24.

Here though, not only are young people given an equal status and voice in the party, they’re actually recruited to run in elections!

That gives me hope. Both Jaime and I are talking (mostly dreaming) about maybe one day, after we finish our respective degrees, of taking our unique passions and talents into politics, and running as MPs for ridings in BC. It’s gratifying to know that if we do take on this path, our party (we are both members of the NDP) will not dismiss us or make us feel like we are too young to do anything truly significant to help the cause of making Canada a better country for all.