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Today, I attended Rock for Reproductive Justice in Victoria, listened to local bands play, and learned about how awesome the Pro Choice movement in Victoria is. The event was taking place in Centennial Square, which is also the site of Occupy Victoria at the moment, but they were gracious enough to accommodate space for Rock for Reproductive Justice.

While I was there, it was pouring, so I ended up under the umbrella of a very kindly Englishman who chatted to me about reproductive rights in our respective homelands as compared to Canada, when someone came along and put a flyer in my hand, which I accepted, thinking that it was information about the show or reproductive rights groups in Victoria. Nope, it was an ad protesting the SMART Grid. I don’t know what a SMART Grid is, so I read through to see what there was to protest about it. Apparently there were safety concerns about radiation emissions, and then a list of “symptoms” supposedly connected to SMART Grids was put on the ad.

You can see where this is going, can’t you?

Yup, among those listed was autism! Of course!

I crumpled up the ad and was about to throw it in the trash, when I decided I would keep it as an eternal symbol of several things I truly despise, such as using unscientific fearmongering to try to drum up support for your cause, pulling causes of the disability de jour out of one’s arse, and supplanting events completely unrelated to your cause.

In case you are wondering, autism wasn’t the only one that was supposedly linked to the use of SMART Grids. Anxiety, depression, ADHD, and stress all got lumped in there too. At least I am not alone. None of these things are caused by SMART Grids, and have existed long before humanity even harnessed electricity, and would continue to do so in a post-apocalyptic world of no power. I imagine people who do have these particular disabilities would like to have a word with the creators of this ad about conveniently ignoring the realities of living with their disabilities and boiling their existence down to a tragedy of technology.

In other words, anti-SMART Grids folk, you are losing people who would otherwise be interested in finding out more about your concerns with your ridiculous disablist garbage. If this is the best you have to offer in opposition to these machines, you are fighting a losing battle, because I have this stubborn pride that doesn’t allow me to align myself with causes which dress me up as a tragic victim of whatever is thought of as the Bête noire of your world. Just my damn arrogant uppity autistic way, I suppose.