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Courtesy of Manboobz, I came across this gaggle of MRAs baffled by the existence of lesbians. Why? Because in their little hateful imaginations, women never have sex for pleasure and love, it’s purely a tool of manipulation and exploitation, equally a model of exchange of fluids and capital.

Just look at them playing on their mental seesaws trying to turn a sexual orientation into a pathology of attention-seeking:

Repeat after me: there is no such thing as a Lesbian, only really confused women. Women are by nature whores that will change their whims depending on the whim, depending on what they perceive society rewarding them for, i.e. whores.

Well, he’s got me there, I am confused. At how someone could be that stupid, certainly, not about my sexual and romantic preferences. I’m also confused at how Goldenfetus (actual username) learned to think, type and breathe at the same time.

I do wonder what rewards he is talking about though. Being denied marriage equality in the states? Having our parenting, lifestyles, sex life, and personal interactions scrutinized as proof of our inability to function normally? Having to worry about our safety for expressing affection to one another in public? I don’t really consider it to be a “reward” to be catcalled and used as the object in a random person’s lesbian fantasy.

All of those quotes and the original thread are a big hot mess of masculine insecurity, I recommend reading the rest of it at Manboobz for a laugh. These victims of their own shortsighted misogyny are doomed to wallow in eternal intellectual and sexual poverty, while queer women, or anyone with two brain cells to rub together really, laugh from the sidelines. It’s a veritable circus of stupidity.