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I asked myself an interesting question the other day after thinking through different types of scientific denialism, and wondered, “What can I tolerate more readily/Find more acceptable? Someone who accepts evolution as fact but denies man-made climate change, or someone who doesn’t believe in evolution but believes in man-made climate change?”

I don’t know about the rest of you, but the latter, for me, is a much better option. Why?

Because I know two people who are exactly like that, and let me tell you, the one who doesn’t believe in evolution (for religious reasons if you are wondering) takes her dedication to making sure she leaves behind a light footprint on the earth seriously. She teaches classes on “green living”, limits her consumption of electricity, water, and other resources, and thinks carefully about every purchase, action, and choice she makes and how it will effect others and the world. The other, one, naturally, doesn’t see the point to any of this, because in her view, the majority of climate scientists have been duped/ are lying to get more funding, and takes particular pleasure in crass consumption, mainly to piss off people like me and others who do accept man-made climate change as a fact and a disaster still unfolding.

So, what do you think is my underlying point to why I prefer someone who believes in global warming over evolution?

That, in the long run, unless someone is in a position to spread the lie widely (I.E, a teacher, a politician, a principal, or a high-profile celebrity) it’s not really going to make a difference if someone believes in evolution or not. Creatures aren’t going to stop evolving (and they are continuously, us included) just because of someone’s personal opinions. Life goes on.

However, global warming’s consequences are far more grave, and as we all share this planet, it’s important for us to all take responsibility for our actions and do what we can to make sure we are not speeding up the process of putting our species in peril, and safeguarding the global environment. Everyone can take small steps to living more with less and reducing their consumption, but if you do not believe you are responsible in any way for the way things are going, and the well-being of your neighbours, I seriously doubt you’ll be as committed to making permanent and positive change in your life, as my acquaintance demonstrates. We need the involvement of all if we’re going to prepare for what’s happening around us, and it hinders that preparation to have people participate in that type of wilful ignorance.