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Dana is a Buddhist concept which roughly translates to generosity. It is in the spirit of that which I will ask my readers to give a small amount of cash, should they have any to spare, to one of my favourite bloggers, Barbara (Also called “Maha”) of the Mahablog. I get paid tomorrow, I’ll see if I can send some her way.

Giving to other bloggers, and remembering when I was assisted reminds me of a story I heard at the opening of the Native American Centre at my old University. One of the speakers at the opening of the building talked about kindness she had received from someone when she was about my age, in the form of $20, which was very generous in the 1960s. It was enough for her to keep herself in food for one week, and she remembered this kindness when she was older by giving $20 to other people in need, with the hope that they too, would some day escape the desperate and sad situation that is poverty and be able to repay generosity by being generous to others, and remembering what it means to offer a little help to those who need it.

I am still working on writing the posts I was requested to do so by my readers, and still arranging for a blogathon, but I think, in commemoration of receiving Dana myself, I will also make an effort to help out other bloggers when they ask for it. Starting with Barbara.