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Well, we’ve reached a wonderful milestone, everyone. Jaime is going to start living part-time publicly as a woman. I know that doesn’t seem like much, but we’ve been going at this slowly, transitioning to more androgynous clothing, adding on make-up, and trying to emulate what are considered “feminine” behaviours, and taking joy in our hearts when people greet us as “girls” or “ladies”. It’s a slow process.

This Sunday will mark Jaime’s public “debut” as you will, as a woman, rather than letting people make assumptions and hoping they guess correctly, which happens now more and more. We’re doing it at a public speaking gig by Jen McCreight of Blag Hag fame (It’s awesome that we get to see her speak by the way, we’re big fans!)  and we’re eager to find ways to maximize her femme traits, so people won’t misgender her. We want to get used to having her proper gender identified being a matter of fact for every day life, rather than an occasional happy accident.

We’ve covered rudimentary aspects, like cinching her waist with a corset, padded bras with nylon sacks full of rice, and make-up, but we want to see if there are any other trans women out there who have tips for us on a few sticky issues: Namely, her shoulders and her facial hair. We can’t afford electrolysis right now, so we’ve been using make-up to the best of our abilities and have pored over countless articles on how to de-emphasize shoulders with various haircuts and clothing-related visual tricks. She uses a Covergirl brand for pale complexions and a foundation brush, which works pretty well, but are there any pro tips out there? The shoulder thing, any good make-up brands, and recommendations for good shaving creams/gels/razors/shavers would be grand.

Regarding wardrobe decisions, anything to de-emphasize larger shoulders and give the appearance of a more curvaceous figure would be appreciated by Jaime. We’ve been sharing a wardrobe for quite some time, since we share similar tastes, but my clothes don’t fit the very best on her, since my bottom is so much bigger than hers and her top is so much larger than mine, so we’re going to have to get her clothes meant for women of her size soon.

Thanks to my lovely readers in advance if you can offer us any advice!