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I’m moving out of the dormitory I’d previously called home this semester and moving in with Jaime. It’s more or less a matter of just consolidating our rent, since I practically live at her house anyways. The unit is spacious and beautiful, and it is unfurnished, so we are planning on getting our own furniture, and a few other things. Fortunately, it comes with utilities, and brand new kitchen appliances, so we already have an excellent kitchen, and will finally be able to cook decent meals for each other, with a few tweaks and additions.

Since this is going to be our first “real” home together, we’re putting together lists (I love listmaking a little too much) on what we need in order to survive happiest on our own and manage our lives independently. We’re both autistic, so independent living is important to us but very new, and here’s a couple of must-haves we’ve decided to get for survival on our own:

1.) A well-stocked kitchen appliance section, including a blender, a food processor, and a slow-cooker. These are expensive, but we’re willing to put money down on them (Fortunately our new home is located close to an appliance store so we don’t have to depend on the buses to get them home) as a long-term investment. We’ve been eating way too much campus food and fast food recently, simply because our kitchen at home is poorly stocked, even though we have the wonderful luxury of having a greengrocer be a stone’s throw from our current abode. The slow cooker will be especially handy for us since we both go to work and school all day, and the idea of plopping in some beans, veg, and broth in a slow cooker and coming home to a ready dinner is highly appealing.

2.) A paper shredder. I have an inherent mistrust of internet banking combined with a difficulty remembering to check my finances which makes me use a monthly paper bank statement. I used to use the paper I got from the statements as a “to do” list, but I’m getting increasingly paranoid about identity theft and have decided to invest in a good paper shredder. We recycle paper in Victoria, so all I would need to do is run it through the shredder, and then put it in the paper recycling bin. This also works for other documents I don’t wish for others to see.

3.) A tea kettle. Victoria gets rather damp and chilly in the winters, and there’s nothing like a good cup of tea to fix that. We’re very fortunate in that our kitchen is fully stocked with plates, cups, and cutlery, all we need is to provide the tea. Maybe a trip to Murchie’s or Teaopia is in order before we settle down.

4.) A printer. I used to just shrug and print on campus, but we’re going to be dealing with a lot of medical paperwork *ahem* in the future, and we’d prefer to just print that all in the comfort of our home.

5.) Bookshelves. It just isn’t a proper house, if you ask me, if you don’t have bookshelves. We’re hoping to get some assemble-yourself ones and then begging a couple of engineers to help. We have a lot of books between myself and Jaime, and consolidating our collections is probably the most exciting thing about moving in for real. Nerds that we are.

6.) Curtains. We’re both rather sensitive to light, and when we’re both trying to get up early, it’s a fine thing to have the sun come in our window. On weekends and holidays though? We want curtains to block out the oppressively bright bastard.

7.) Pitchers and lots and lots of ice cube trays. I guess I forgot to add this to my list of Canadian things I’m baffled by, but I do not care much for Canadian Iced Tea. I prefer real iced tea, that is, loose leaf (or bagged if you must) tea which has been made properly, and then cooled in the fridge with ice cubes in it. Canadian iced tea is far too sweet.

8.) Various clothing bins for light, dark, delicate, and hardy clothing. We don’t feel the need to really sort our clothing as belonging to her and me, but we do feel the need to categorize them according to the above traits. It makes laundry much easier for everyone, autistic or not.

9.) Lots of floor pillows and rugs for stimming. There’s a place downtown called Babak’s Carpets, and I’ve been lusting after the carpets inside for ages, they look like the perfect places to stim. They’re a little out of my price range though…