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Someone told me once long ago that my logic process is very practical compared to a neurotypical/allistic mindset, and that the reason people don’t often understand me is because they can’t realize how I reach my conclusions and why I express the emotions I do at a particular moment. It may make perfect sense to me, but they can’t realize how I get from step 1 to step 4, because their minds work at a less speedy pace.
I decided to try to remedy this by explaining my thought process when people seemed confused by how I was acting. I did so today when explaining why I found something funny.
The reaction was the exact same thing that I get when I don’t bother to explain my thought process: Puzzled stares, awkward laughter, and people changing the subject out of embarrassment. When I asked, they still didn’t understand how I reached my conclusions.
So I’ve decided to not bother with the middle step, since it doesn’t seem to change the outcome at all.