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I get the most curious results in my search box, the tool which lets me know how people found this blog. This month, my top searches have had nothing to do with autism, they are some variant on “thick thighs” or “ladyboy”, both of which lead the searcher to a single entry each. Then there are some that leave me with a dropped jaw, so I thought I would share them with my readers. Warning, these are a tad disconcerting.
The first one to catch my eye was: “are people with asperger syndrome rapists”. Uh, what? I’ll let you know that most of us are in fact, not rapists. In fact, in the larger picture of things, we’re significantly more likely to be victims of sexual assault rather than assailants. This idea that aspies are depraved, perverted, and sociopathic, or that we’re socially clueless enough to not understand consent needs to go the way of the refrigerator mother.
Another winner includes, “how to become like lisbeth salander”, the protagonist from Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy. The answer is: Lisbeth Salander went through endless pain, suffering, abuse, humiliation, neglect, and trauma to make herself into the person she is today. While she is a resourceful, interesting, and almost definitely autistic character, I wouldn’t wish her fate on anyone.

After that, I have a lot, and I mean a lot, of people finding my blog via “heather kuzmich 2011”. I have no answers to what Ms. Kuzmich is doing in 2011, but the interest in her is baffling to me. It reminds me of my long-ago days on Wrongplanet, when someone posted a thread in the dating and marriage section asking if Heather Kuzmich was Jewish (she isn’t) so he could find out whether or not she was marriage material. I would put money on Ms. Kuzmich having better things to do with her time than date, let alone marry, an obsessive fan who thinks that she’s the perfect match for him because they both have autism and she’s model-pretty. Also, anyone who is that picky about the ethnicity and religion of their theoretical spouse needs to do some soul-searching.

There’s the ever popular “does ___ cause autism?” variety of searches, and I’ve gotten everything from milk, child abuse, agent orange, to air conditioning. What?! There’s only one answer to all of these:


There we go.

One more, just because I feel like it, is the question “tall and fat can wear high heels?”

Well, I finally found a pair of high heels I love, which are comfortable and look great, and I’m tall and fat. If you are tall and fat and want to wear high heels, I invite you to join me in doing so.