I had to come to a realization today: I am a hipster. As much as I scoff at hipsters for their hipstery ways, I am sure that 30 or 40 years from now when I am showing pictures of myself to my grandchildren, they will react the exact same way I reacted to pictures of my parents as a kid: “Wow, were you a hippie hipster?” This epiphany came to me through my great enjoyment of Victoria restaurants which cater to a hipster clientele, including today’s subject restaurant, Lady Marmalade, an all-day breakfast and lunch place located in downtown Victoria, close enough to Geek Alley for Jaime and I to eat there after picking up some new comics and debating about whether or not our new suite requires a separate shelf for graphic novels. If being a hipster means I get to eat at places like Lady Marmalade more often, then I’ll put on a pair of fake glasses and enter hipsterdom with my head high and my tummy full.

The decoration of LM reminds me a bit of the set design on a briefly lived show I rather enjoyed, Pushing Daisies. There’s green walls, cute photos and decor, lots of band posters, and David Bowie playing. There’s a separate bar and kitchen, and the sign “Skinny Cooks are not to be trusted” left me scratching my head for quite a bit, the cooks all looked rather slim to me, but very cheerful in their work and quite skilled at it, if you ask me.

The menu is staggering for a breakfast/lunch place, and relatively cheap compared to others we’ve frequented, a blessing for two college students. I had the mango eggs benedict, Jaime had the French toast. At this point I’m probably going to end up trying eggs benedict at every single place that offers it in Victoria, after being deprived of it for four years in Missoula. Watch out, arteries!

This one was particularly lovely though, because the mango touch and the lemon brightness which made it considerably lighter compared with the usual hollandaise sauce-drenched breakfast extravaganza. It came with a salad, and the salad dressing reminded me of one I used to put on my veggies in Japan, with lemon, ponzu, sesame… It was a near perfect recreation! I begged the waiter for the brand name, and it turns out, they make it in house. I’m going to have to go back for a full salad now.

The potatoes that came with my eggs benny were infused with paprika, which meant I didn’t have to pour on the salt to add flavour to them. My blood pressure thanks you, Lady Marmalade. By the way, paprika and hollandaise sauce together are quite heavenly, did you know that?

Jaime was happy with her French toast, I liked the flavour of the one bite I had and I found the bread used to be superior to what usually gets used for recipes like this. We had hot chocolate and an Italian soda to drink, but the liquor menu was rather tempting, especially the prospect of a mimosa.

We’ll definitely be going back, I want to try a salad, and maybe a crepe or two.