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I live in an allistic world which was built with the ideas, culture, and ways of neurotypicals as its basis. It’s honestly very stressful for me to live in that world, work in that world, and socialize in it on a daily basis. I come home some days completely frustrated by the constant act of trying to fit my way of thinking and my outlook into that social structure. Tonight, I came home frustrated to the point of tears over it.

And yet, my autistic girlfriend understood my way of thinking completely, empathized with me completely, and within fifteen minutes, had me smiling and feeling like I was ready to take on anything. It was a revelation, having someone understand me that way.

This is my way of saying, Happy Anniversary, Jaime. Three years ago today was the day I plucked up the courage to ask someone I had secretly loved for quite a while if they would consider loving me in return. Turns out she was waiting for the right moment to tell me of her love too. Never have I ever been happier at hearing a “yes”.