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A long time ago, right after I came out as dating a trans woman on this blog, I promised myself one thing: That if there ever came a time that someone who knew me from outide the bloggerverse stumbled across Jaime and I’s secret, that I would pull the plug on this blog and never again risk our safety and privacy by blogging.
Well, that day has come. The cat’s out of the bag so to speak. But I am not deleting this blog.

I’m not really afraid any more of the consequences of being outed. Neither is Jaime. We’re not exactly going to come bursting out of the closet, but we’re not keeping ourselves shut tight in there any longer. I’m still apprehensive about what will happen when we have to come out daily, regularly, to people like bosses, professors, and potential landlords, and above all, parents, but I’m beyond caring whether or not anyone else has a problem with us being who we are.

I consider this a great moment in the development of our self image and confidence.