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You know what’s the best part about UVic compared to UM? No stupid sport rivalries. Those were the bane of my existence at Montana. I can’t tell you how many times I heard stupid, pointless jokes about the (lack of) intelligence, the un-employability, and the obesity/unattractiveness of students at Montana State University, all over football. At the games, I saw pictures of Grizzly bears (the mascot of UM) mounting a clearly in pain bobcat (the MSU mascot) in a creepy, bestial/rape joke decals, and other such nonsense. My Facebook feed got cluttered with updates on game days about the subject, which bored me to no end.

When I moved to Victoria, I was gritting my teeth in anticipation of a similar rivalry with Camosun College, which shares a city with UVic, usually indicating a prime breeding ground for sport rivalry. But there is none. UVic doesn’t even have a football team, but I am rather proud of our Quidditch team, if I do say so myself. There are no crude jokes made at the expense of students at Camosun, we regularly share events like pub crawls, movie screenings, and what have you with Camosun students, and the student paper of Camosun is distributed on campus here. There’s not a spot of animosity between us.

It’s so refreshing, I can barely believe it. Whatever it is that’s different which is preventing such a poisonous rivalry from taking place, I think it should be spread all across North America.