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My lovely readers, I find myself in a bit of a financial poke. Jaime and I are moving out of our place into a new one, and we’re planning on making a few changes to the way we live our lives, IE, we’re slowly adjusting to be a full time queer couple.

Even though SRS coverage in British Columbia is overall excellent, but it’s not a matter of walking into a doctor’s office and getting the surgery you need; doctors and therapists often act as “gatekeepers” determining who deserves SRS and who doesn’t. Before Jaime can get the treatment she needs, such as hormones, we need to speak with a doctor and a therapist for an extended period of time, and such sessions cost $100 an hour, which is out of our budget right now as we work on consolidating our budgets into one single entity and begin to save up for furniture.

If you’re feeling generous, feel free to make a contribution to our furniture/therapy fund on my “About” page. In the interest of transparency and integrity, I’ll post the receipts of furniture we buy with any funds donated, and I will offer a special reward for anyone who donates, which I’ll think of later. Right now our focus is saving up for a mattress so that we have a place to sleep, and a desk so we have a place to work at home. We’ll also use the money to pay for Jaime’s therapy so we can bring her closer to coming into line with her image of her true self.

If you do decide to donate, thank you in advance.