I personally like New Year’s Resolutions. I can understand common grievances against them; they’re dull, they’re ultimately short-term, and one forgets them by February. Yes, those are all legitimate. But my autistic brain appreciates the clear cut starting point of doing a New Year’s Resolution, so I do them. Mine are, for 2012:

Focus more on my own writing and creative outlets. I’ve spent a lot of time this year encouraging Jaime in her literary pursuits, but sadly neglected mine. I want to write something worth publishing in 2012.

Post on facebook less. I have a bad habit of info dumping and messing around on that dratted website when I could be doing something worthwhile. I need to be more productive, damnit! This also applies to Tumblr, foul temptress.

Eat out less, cook more. No excuses now that I have a big modern kitchen, once I get cookware! I am even bringing back my mother’s cookbooks with me so that I have recipes to cite if I am stumped on what to make for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Learn to understand the basics of science, especially physics. I don’t wish to embarrass myself any longer at parties with my ignorance.

Pick a new department to study with and graduate from. I’m betting on history, literature, or another humanities field.