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I’ve been blogging for about three years now, and my blog has evolved a lot since then. I used to write exclusively about autism, and then, gradually, this blog transformed into two parts diary, one part informative, three parts advocacy, split into seven*. Today I reached a milestone in blogging, I’ve been nominated for the versatile blogger awards by Clarissa, who is one part blogger, one part friend, and one part mentor to me. Clarissa has heaped praise on my blog before, and this is what she says here about me for the awards:

Nominatissima is a blogger we all know and love. She is also a person who talks about a variety of subjects on her blog. Autism, student life, LGBTQ activism, foodie adventures, love, romance, politics – what a great blog, people! And she posts a lot, which is something I really like.

It’s enough to make me preen, people!
Now, it isn’t over yet for me. In order to qualify, I have to follow through on these steps:

1) Nominate 15 fellow bloggers

2) Inform the Bloggers of their nomination

3) Share 7 random things about yourself

4) Thank the blogger who nominated you

5) Post the award badge.

This is exciting, because it gives me a chance to post about some bloggers who have inspired me and kept me reading throughout the years, as well as some who are new to the game but will be shining stars in no time. My fifteen are:

1.) Vox Corvegis. I admit, I’m cheating here, this is my girlfriend’s blog. But even if she weren’t my love, my pride and joy, I would still read her blog. She combines fiction and poetry, science, politics, and musings about her transition on her blog, and writes with her trademark elegant, measured prose in each post.

2.) Brute Reason. Miriam’s a gem. She’s smart, snarky, and leaves no stone unturned when it comes to dissecting other people’s misplaced assumptions and ideas. She’s something more bloggers could strive to be: Fearless. And that’s probably the best compliment I can pay.

3.) The Mad Professsah Lectures. I discovered this blog completely by accident, and I’ve been reading and smiling ever since. I’ve learned a lot about succulent plants and tennis from reading, but I’ve also discovered a snappy, erudite writer who makes me eternally jealous with how well-researched and put-together his posts are. Well, he *is* a professor…

4.) Startled Octopus. There’s always something new, interesting and adventurous going on on the life and mind of the Startled Octopus. I can’t help but be a little bit jealous.

5.) Bookish Beemer. It’s hard to say what I like best about this blog: The friendly, easygoing writing style of Brittany, the variety of topics she covers, or the vein of humour running through it all. But it all comes together nicely.

6.) The Third Glance. This one is a new autism blog, and it deserves a lot more readers for the amount of though and insight that goes into it.

7.) Just Stimming. Without a doubt Julia will be the autistic person of the year for 2012. Get in on the action and read her work before you get left out.

8.) Rolling Around in my Head. Dave Hingsburger already has a ridiculously popular blog, but if you’re unfamiliar with him and want to know more about disability advocacy, you’ve come to the right place.

9.) Autist’s Corner. Lindsay is probably my favourite autistic blogger. Her posts are consistently intelligent, engaging, and as varied as night and day. If you look up “polymath” in the dictionary, you’ll see her picture there.

10.) Radical Neurodivergence Speaking. The title says it all. K says what most of us tiptoe around politely in the most awesomely straightforward language.

11.) Katy Doesn’t Live in Smithton. I first met Katy on the Jenny McCarthy Body Count facebook page. She’s a powerhouse of information, logical thought, and take-no-bullshit attitude.

12.) Tiger Beatdown. This is what I wish more feminist blogs were like. Inclusive, disability-friendly, and smart.

13.) The Delphiad Blog. Tiger Beatdown and Delphiad Blog are twins when it comes to being feminist blogs which humble my own writing and thinking process.

14.) Beyond Victoriana. Guilty confession: I adore steampunk novels and aesthetics, but was getting very bored with the constant reinvention of the wheel in the genre, until I came across BV. Featuring steampunk applied to cultures like Kaifeng Jews, Ojibwe, as well as sharing stories from other cultures neglected by mainstream steampunk, the entire genre has caught my interest once again.

15.) âpihtawikosisân. If you are a Canadian who wants to form any opinions on Aboriginals and the policies, politics, and history surrounding them, you should be reading this blog. No ifs, ands, or buts.

Now, seven random facts about me. Here’s what I’ve got for you:

1.) I giggle uncontrollably at any random mention of the word “waiter”.

2.) My first crushes as a child were Belle from Beauty and the Beast and Han Solo.

3.) My father was once described by a friend of his as “The most obnoxious creature I ever loved.” That describes me perfectly as well, I think.

4.) There are only three things about my appearance I would really like to permanently change: How brittle and fragile my fingernails are, get rid of my tone-deafness and possess the ability to sing beautifully, and get rid of the stretch marks and cellulite pockmarks on my thighs. Otherwise I’ve become much more confident in my body.

5.) Deep down, I’m hoping that I have what it takes in me to become a writer, because I want to be able to support myself doing something positive, transformational, and creative with my life, and creating stories is one of the best ways I express that.

6.) I’m planning on getting a Kindle as soon as I have enough money, because I am now terrified and paranoid about the prospect of bedbugs in library books. 

7.) Since I let it slip to my family once or twice that I have a blog, I have a dummy blog set up where I only write about bland, unconfrontational topics, and tell them that’s my real blog, so they don’t find out about me being a big ol’ queer.

* No wizards nor muggles were killed or harmed in the creation of this horcrux blog.