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Here’s my pet peeve de jour: It took a completely consensual affair to ultimately destroy Herman Cain’s campaign completely* after news of him sexually harassing and even possibly assaulting one woman hit the airwaves. Now, I find a lot of my lovely leftie friends are focusing on Mitt Romney doing something rather ill-thought out and cruel to his pet dog. I’ve seen this story countless times across my dash now, and people are acting like this is some damning thing which will destroy his campaign. Not anything he might do as president which would negatively impact people, just something he did to his pet once. I won’t deny that it’s cruel to do what he did to the dog, but the way people are going on, you’d think he was revealed to be a time traveller who was once Jack the Ripper.

Can we as a society please stop this? I’m reminded of the enormous outrage over Michael Vick’s cruel dog fighting program, but people turning around and stuffing their fingers in their ears over near endless cases of NFL and college football players sexually assaulting women, and throwing hissy fits if they get barred from playing due to the legal trouble their crimes caused them.

This isn’t hard to say and think: Women (Hell, all people who are sexual assault victims, regardless of gender or age) matter more than dogs, or any other pet, for that matter. I have my priorities, and someone who is a sexual assaulter or a harasser is higher on my list of unsavoury people than animal abusers, and is treated as such. Can we please change our conversation regarding the “scandals” around our political campaigns to reflect this fundamental and important fact?


* As far as I am concerned it was a complete fluke that he ever got popular to begin with and never had a chance of winning, by the way.