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Right. So I’ve calmed down, had a glass of lemonade, and settled into my home. Time for me to write a little bit more about Mr. Harper and the possible nullification of same-sex marriages performed in Canada on couples whose native countries do not recognize gay marriage. It started with one couple in Florida seeking a divorce, and the government of Canada Harper Government has decided to “explore its options”, out of adherence to a promise to not “reopen” the issue of marriage equality in Canada, which many people feared he would take a crowbar to.
I’m personally with Olivia Chow and Justin Trudeau on this, who say respectively:
“I think that Mr. Harper is hiding behind the law and using a back-door way to say to these loving couples ‘sorry, we no longer recognize your marriage’ and that is hugely embarrassing and makes Canada a laughing stock in the world,”


“This is what we have been worried about with the Conservative majority for a long time, we’re going to see the erosion of gains we’ve seen in this country,”

I think this is a case of Harper gleefully playing a game of “What, me worry?” and leaning upon plausible deniability to disguise his hatred and contempt for queers. I can’t imagine he would be playing the same cards if this were an issue over a couple who came from a country where you couldn’t marry someone of a different social class, or someone who was widowed, or someone who was of a different colour.

This is going to be an interesting legal battle at the very least. I consider it one of many little battles we continue to wage for the soul of Canada. In the meantime, I’ll be keeping up with this like a hawk, because I have many friends and loved ones in the United States who used their Canadian marriage license to apply for benefits at work, medical and insurance coverage, and spousal privileges in many situations. This does impact them and their lives, and if a technicality renders their marriage null and void, their lives are going to be much more difficult and miserable.
Thanks a lot, Steve-O.