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I don’t currently own a TV; I’m saving up for one so that I can play Mario Kart 64 and watch movies at house parties I host. When I lived in Montana, I watched a lot of bad TV, specifically, TLC, and there were occasional documentaries or TV specials about trans folks on. They all had one thing in common: They had to show at least one obligatory shot of a trans woman shaving her chin in the mirror as part of her morning routine.
There’s really nothing shocking nor laughable about this; do you have any idea how freaking expensive electrolysis is? It’s cheaper to buy a new car or go on a deluxe European vacation than it is for a trans woman to get the necessary work done so she doesn’t have to shave her chin each day. So why is it so eternally fascinating for clueless cis people to see a trans woman shave in the mirror? It’s not amusing, and it’s not really provocative, provided you’re a decent human being who understands the basic principle that not all men are born with penises and not all women are born with vaginas.
There needs to be a permanent banishing of showing trans women shaving as yet another way of reminding the audience, “Look, she shaves her chin! She’s different! She still has to do man things, because she’s not a full woman yet!”
Make me gag.