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I live fairly close to a small mall which has a variety of stores. I inquired about hiring to a good chunk of them today, and all of them said they weren’t hiring at this point, and none would even take my resume for consideration. Poo.

It’s made me reconsider just how far I’ll go in getting a second job: I’m considering dropping my previous pledge to avoid restaurant work like the plague, since that seems to be a popular industry in Victoria and may be the only one I’ll have a fighting chance at making money in. I initially refused to consider restaurant work because the stress on my back and my olfactory senses would be overwhelming. But I have access to a free masseuse under my student health plan, so I may swallow my fears and just make a weekly visit to get a massage to keep my back in good shape. I don’t have any experience in restaurant work, so they may not even take me anyways. But I still feel like casting a wider net.

But before I get ahead of myself, I’m going to apply to other retail places, just in the downtown area, and just take the bus from my place or the university to get there, it’s only about a 15-25 minute ride each way.

I’m counting on tourism picking up in the summer, and the businesses downtown anticipating it by hiring more people. Please…