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A school in Nova Scotia has a very… interesting method of helping special needs children during lunch. They decided to fence them into a hockey rink while the other children played. The school cited “safety concerns” as the reason that the children are fenced in, thinking that they might run away. From CTV:

“I walk inside of there and there’s broken beer bottles, the leaves have never been raked up, there’s dog poop bags in there,” [the father of a child there] said.

Really now, they’ve thought of everything! Wouldn’t you want to stay in such a wonderful environment? I’d never run away, I wouldn’t even come into class after lunch! Plenty of dog poop and broken beer bottles for me to play pretend with!

The school has now said they will follow the wishes of any parents who don’t want their kids put in the rink. I’m coughing and choking over the absurdity of that sorry excuse for a conciliatory approach. The kids shouldn’t have been in the rink, period, and they’re only going to bother to change things for the ones whose parents raise a sufficiently noisy fuss?! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, since that tends to be par for the course when trying to get special needs children just about anything.

I’d like to point out that throughout history, people holding power over another group doing something for the “good” or “safety” of the powerless group never turned out very well. This applies at the micro level of one tiny school in Nova Scotia as well as much larger situations.