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Oftentimes, when dealing with people who wrap themselves in the warm, comforting lies of people like Satoshi Kanazawa and other half-baked evolutionary psychologists, the phrase, “Science isn’t Politically Correct!” comes into play, as a means of telling me I’m wrong for challenging their claims, like women evolved to like pink because of berries, or that men are naturally meant to desire women at “peak fertility”, defined here as age 16-21.

I can agree, science isn’t politically correct, and we are blessed that it isn’t. But here’s what science also is not:

Science is not a mirror in which you can expect to see your own prejudices and unquestioned assumptions reflected back at you. Science is supposed to replace our prejudices and half-truths with publicly verifiable evidence that can be demonstrated with the scientific method, and have the results repeated, time in and time out. Science isn’t meant as the throne on which to enshrine our untested ideas, it’s the bombing field where they go to be destroyed and dissected. You’re supposed to question everything, not go out looking for one particular type of answer.

Can we all just agree on this and stop abusing poor science in this fashion? It’s seriously undignified to the method.