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On Tuesday, I went to a public meeting with Brian Topp, a candidate for the NDP leadership. I was very impressed by him, as was my girlfriend, enough that I decided to support him for the leadership candidacy, with the hope that some day, he’ll be Canada’s next Prime Minister.

I’d done preliminary research on the other NDP leadership candidates, without much luck on finding one I wanted to be The Leader. Their debates, if you happen to catch them, are adorably amicable, so it was hard to pick one that stood out from the rest from them, but I was initially attracted to Peggy Nash and Nathan Cullen for different reasons, but not enough to make a big decision.

After seeing Mr. Topp speak, I was impressed by his charisma* his quick thinking, and his ability to answer questions and take challenges without missing a beat. He had some great ideas on how to make Canada a more fair and equal society, and with his background (raised in Quebec, worked for the Saskatchewan NDP, lived in Ontario) he’s able to appeal to a variety of different provinces and address their issues. He also won me over with his dedication to funding for the arts, a soft spot of mine, and his dedication to broadening and strengthening our definition of “family” by, “by advocating for loving, nurturing LGBTQ families. And ensuring that new Canadians are able to reunite with their family members.”

In this day and age, when politicians down south are hell bent on divorcing people like me from the concept of “family”, and the current Canadian government Harper Government is relying on simple laissez faire to leave LGBTQ Canadians out of the picture of “family”, that struck a chord with me.

Today, I decided I would contact the campaign about something that was important to me. Here’s my letter to Mr. Topp’s campaign:

“I met Brian Topp at an event at the University of Victoria on Tuesday, and was very impressed with his ideas and his vision of Canada for the future, enough that I decided that night that he had my vote for the leadership of the New Democrats.
I have a request for the campaign and the website: I’m interested in getting to know Mr. Topp’s positions more closely, and I would like to watch the videos provided on the campaign website, but there’s something preventing me from doing so: I have auditory processing disorder. Watching videos without captioning or a transcript provided is difficult for me, because I can’t follow what’s being said coherently without rewinding repeatedly to get the full message. If the website could provide transcripts of the videos of Mr. Topp speaking, or caption the videos, I’d be able to follow along better, as would other New Democrats who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, or have Auditory Processing Disorder.
I hope you’ll consider my suggestion, it would mean a great deal to me as a supporter of Mr. Topp and a dedicated New Democrat.”

An accessible Canada is a more fair and equal Canada, after all.

* Like it or not, that’s an important quality in a leader and a politician, but not one you want to go for alone.