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Hello, fellow British Columbians! I have a burning question for you that I’d love an answer to:

Jaime and I will be heading to Vancouver some time this semester, probably in March, to get her an official diagnosis for autism and generalized anxiety disorder, before the DSM V kicks in. That diagnosis makes a real difference in our lives, for one thing, it allows Jaime to get additional funding for graduate school which will go towards helping us with managing everyday life (rent, food, bills, and medical care towards rooting out the anxiety) and, more importantly: The diagnosis will pave the way for getting appointments with an endocrinologist, which leads to getting oestrogen! Yay and hooray!

While we’re there, we want to take advantage of being in Vancouver by finding a queer and trans-friendly spa where Jaime and I can go together. The primary motivation for going is to get her a back and chest wax and have a consultation with a professional on topics like feminizing one’s face with make-up, the best products for sensitive skin which will be rendered MORE sensitive with hormone therapy, the best hairstyles, laser hair removal, and whatever other tips they can offer. I was thinking of doing it in Victoria, but Vancouver offers a lot more possibilities as far as trans/queer friendly spas and salons are concerned, at a higher quality.

Do any queer/trans Vancouverites have recommendations for us when we make it over there? I’m eager and open to suggestions.

By the way, I would like to note that it is rather unusual, and quite frankly, problematic and unfair that health coverage in BC (Across Canada really) is structured so that the final steps which are considered by most trans women to be less important, like vaginoplasty, are covered, but they must pay out of pocket for procedures which are more significant to feminizing their appearance but typically cost much less, like laser hair removal/electrolysis* and waxing. But I suppose beggars can’t be choosers.

* Electrolysis is bloody expensive, which is why I said “typically” cost less.