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Can someone tell me please why, in the first two years that I’ve been in Canada, the current political rulers of this fair country seem hell-bent on transforming Canada into a lite version of the country I left behind?

Like many queer Canadians, I’ve become concerned about news coming forth that a new addition to the Aeronautics Act could ground Canadian trans people and keep them from flying, which I detailed here. Randall Garrison, the MP for the Esquimalt riding, an all around awesome fellow, decided to take up the cause in a letter, and in Ottawa. During the Question Period for Garrison’s motion to rescind that bit of nastiness, Conservative MPs openly snickered at him. I guess there’s something funny about getting angry at wanting to protect the basic rights of trans Canadians, eh?

Snicker away, assholes. It’s two years and eleven months away until 2015, and I don’t think you will even make it that far before your darling Prime Minister screws up so epically that Canadians are marching in the streets demanding his removal.

Me and my girlfriend will join them even if we have to haul ass to Ontario on a bus.