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Aloha, Former Governor Lingle and Governor Christie,

You two don’t have a lot in common, apart from being Republican governors of a state where a marriage equality/civil unions bill was passed and then put onto your desk, which you both vetoed. Interestingly, you both gave the same reasons for vetoing, that you thought this issue should be “decided by a vote” from the people of your state.

I don’t buy that for one minute. You were trying to dodge political bullets by passing the buck, so you could avoid being ostracised by your party, which has found it convenient to tap into the virulent strain of heterosexism and hatred which defines the religious right, without coming out and saying that you’re exactly the type of bigots that they cater to in elections. You were both hoping to bolster your own political careers with it, in the form of inaction. It would be hilarious if it weren’t so pathetically transparent.

You put your own political ambitions before the rights of your constituents, which should be enough to shame you. But in case it isn’t, I’m going to let you in on a secret: It already has happened to you, Lingle, and awaits Christie: A more progressive successor will just wait for it to be introduced again, sign it without a second thought, and they will be lauded for it. So you won’t really get any glory for what you did, you’ll just be a bitter shitstain on the memories of residents of your state. You will be remembered, in the long term, as cowards who were on the wrong side of history, who didn’t stand up for what was right, and decided to do what was easy rather than what was right. Politics are temporary, but history is eternal. Keep that in mind.

Happy trails,

Leah the American-Canadian Queer