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Hello, Readers,

I would greatly appreciate your help on this matter. I am writing a paper concerning identity formation for female characters in Japanese animation, specifically, in the films of Satoshi Kon (If you’re unfamiliar with his name, some of his most prominent films, which are the ones I’ll be citing, are Paprika, Tokyo Godfathers, Millennium Actress, and Perfect Blue. That last one was actually the ‘inspiration’ for Black Swan) I have no trouble writing my own opinions on these films and interpreting their messages, but I need some sources for the paper on female identity formation.

It doesn’t have to be about Japanese identity-formation, since my professor (and myself) are of the opinion that while culture does play a big role in your perception of yourself and your identity, the very act of identity formation in and of itself transcends cultures. If you know of any texts which pontificate on feminism, humanism, and identity formation, leave a comment in this post recommending it to me and telling me why you think it would be helpful to me. In fact, if you have any sources at all on the topic that you think would enrich my understanding of these films through a feminist, humanist, or any other lenses, please don’t hesitate to share.