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This one is tricky, because I’m not embarrassed by any of the books I like. I don’t even really have guilty pleasure books. I get something different out of every book I read, even ones that aren’t necessarily considered highbrow. But, once again, for the sake of this meme, I’ll offer the closest thing I have to a guilty pleasure reading: The Georgia Nicolson series: Angus, Thongs & Full Frontal Snogging is the first, followed by On the Bright Side, I’m Now the Girlfriend of a Sex God, Knocked Out By My Nunga-Nungas, Dancing In My Nuddy Pants, Away Laughing on a Fast Camel, and Then He Ate My Boy Entrancers. There are more, but those are the ones I read, so I’m sticking to those.

This series is ridiculously addicting. It involves the adventures of British teen Georgia, whose most pronounced quality would be her ridiculously unique vocabulary. I can’t even begin to describe it in all of its fabbity fab fab fabness. You can find examples at the author’s website. Georgia is a pratty, shallow, vindictive girl, which is exactly why I loved her. She wasn’t trying to be a hero or an angel, she just knew what she wanted and stumbled along hilariously trying to get it. What a refreshing break from so many other young adult protagonists who feel like they need to be perfect or struggling or trenched with some guilt and trauma! I know some people have compared Georgia to the ladies on Sex & The City, but I think that’s unfair, she’s far better than them. Funnier for one thing, and more self-aware.

The series (as long as I’ve read it) follows Georgia along as she makes her way through her school, hangs out with her friends, the Ace Gang, and tries to get into good graces with her dream guy, Robbie, the Sex God. Most of the book involves Georgia having some mishap due to either her family’s interference, her own harebrained schemes, or pure dumb luck. And every moment is a laugh.

If you want some wonderful, odd mental junk food, Georgia doth can supply!