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Why yes, I did change the name, URL, and décor of my blog, thank you for noticing!

This was done for a purely pragmatic reason: I’ve been speaking a lot on panels, at conferences, and having my credentials as an autistic speaker come up repeatedly, and, as it turns out, not a lot of people know how to spell or pronounce “Nominatissima”. I decided that going with an older name that I was already fond of, which had the bonus of rhyming and being somewhat literary* in its connotations which I think nicely capture the spirit of my personality and blog.

I’m a little sad. Nominatissima, is, I feel, a name that perfectly embodies me, and getting a little bit away from the word “autistic” in my blog description and title helped me expand my blogging horizons in some ways. But I don’t feel I’ll lose that gained universality and diverse spirit by changing my name, but I will make my disability writing easier for people to find, especially those who I meet here in Victoria.

I will always be Nominatissima in my heart; that name is the one I am closest to** in terms of my persona and soul, but for the purposes of allowing as many people as possible to access my writing and this blog, this space shall be the domain of the ever vigilant, spirited, and proud Quixotic Autistic.

* Though, shamefully, I have yet to read Don Quixote. I will change that soon, I promise!

** Apart from one super-secret name I have for myself, which I only know and will keep to myself. I have it written on a piece of paper contained in a special pouch a friend gave me.