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Things I like seeing on Pinterest
Recipes for delicious food
Recipes for homemade versions of storebought foods with less added sugar or ingredients of dubious ethics
Beautiful clothes
Awesome feminist slogans
Pictures of places I’d love to visit some day
Lovely wedding gowns
Interesting artwork
Household tips
Aesthetically pleasing fashion spreads
Homemade beauty products
Awesome nerdy accessories

Things I’d rather not see on Pinterest*
Different diets and “cleanses” touted as weight loss miracles
“Healthy” recipes which rob food of all its fun, fat, and flavour and market themselves as being “guilt-free”. Who feels guilty about eating delicious food, seriously?
Thinspiration photos
Tired “motivational” slogans which rely on sexist, slut-shaming stereotypes
Pictures which exotify and stereotype foreign countries
Heteronormative, sexist, patriarchal “advice” on how to have a good marriage
Stolen artwork posted without attribute or linkback to the original artist or website
Endless variations on the same recipe for homemade bug killer
Clothing pinned to boards with names like “Clothes I’ll wear when I’m skinny”
“Jokes” about the supposed differences between men and women, and which reduce men to their sex drive/love of sports and women to a desire to look good and “eat without ever gaining weight”
Endless quibbling about the “true” measure of a geek/nerd, with a focus on declaring some people, especially women, not worthy of the label for some reason or another, often with a hefty dollop of slut-shaming and holier-than-thou attitude on top

Happy Pinning, everyone!

* the reason I provide pictures/links back to my “like” list, but not my “dislike” list is because these examples are a dime a dozen on Pinterest so you can find them if you wish, and I don’t feel like promoting them.