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… Who is calling rubbish on that overly self-congratulatory poster. Courtesy of Reddit, I came across this delightful response to the original. Same message that I spoke of, but in far fewer words:

A fifteen picture graph, showing fifteen different women divided into three rows. The first two rows are the same as the original image, but the bottom five are Princess Leia from Star Wars in her famous “metal bikini” from Return of the Jedi, Leeloo from The Fifth Element in a skimpy white outfit, Power Girl showing off her infamous “cleavage window”, Juliet Starling from Lollipop Chainsaw, and an Orion Slave Girl from Star Trek: Enterprise. Beneath the five new pictures is a caption, “Sorry Geek Culture, No Free Passes”

Bravo to the creator of this witty and very appropriate response. That’s how you call ’em out on their hypocrisy and selective memory.