This Fall, I’ll be taking:


Cultural Economies

Topics in Asian Cinema: Love

Comics & Graphic Novels (of Asia)

* Last semester I swore to myself that I would give up on trying Japanese because it was too difficult and I kept having trouble, but I’m determined to do better this time, because I’m very passionate about my field, and had a nice talk with a professor in my department who completed his B.A very slowly when he was my age because of the language requirement, but is a tenured professor now. He feels I can pull it off, and I feel I can too. Last semester, I was dealing with a professor who was, quite frankly, a bully, a lot of self-esteem issues, and adjustment to a new school and a new environment. This time, I plan on working hard, studying hard, hiring a tutor, and taking advantage of every resource available at my disposal in order to prove to the world that yes, I can learn Japanese, and yes, I can become a brilliant professor in the field of Asian Studies, and study Japanese literature.